Economic Development
Economic Development

Inclusive economic development is central to long-term poverty reduction.  However, economic development is sometimes far from inclusive, policies can be captured by vested interests and some approaches to economic development can harm development outcomes instead of helping them.  Key to achieving inclusive economic development is to understand the structures and institutions of the economy and the incentives faced by its main actors within it.

We specialise in understanding the political economy of economic reform in: energy policy, green growth and climate change, agriculture and rural development, private sector development, trade and industrial policy, investment climate, and extractive industries.   For example, we have recently explored the political economy of:

  • energy policy
  • green growth and climate change
  • agriculture and rural development
  • private sector development
  • trade and industrial policy
  • investment climate
  • extractive industries

We undertake political economy analysis of specific economic sectors to inform the design, implementation and review of strategies and programmes. We also provide long-term inputs to help economic interventions adapt to take account of political economy challenges, so that projects have a greater chance of delivering pro-poor economic reforms.


Examples of our work