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Guyana Sugar Action Plan

The Policy Practice provided a consultant to assist in the preparation of Guyana’s National Action Plan to mitigate the effects of the reform of the EU sugar regime. The impact of the 36% cut in the EU price of sugar will be particularly severe in Guyana because the economy is highly dependent on sugar. In response, the Government of Guyana is seeking financial assistance from the European Union. Gareth Williams worked closely with the Government of Guyana and the Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc to prepare an action plan for the use of these funds. The plan is focused on three priorities: (i) investing to ensure the future competitiveness, growth and diversification of the sugar industry, (ii) promoting alternative employment opportunities in the non-traditional agriculture sectors, and (iii) assisting workers and communities affected by job losses in the sugar sector through a social support and economic regeneration programme. This assignment was funded by DFID Guyana.