Gareth Williams

Executive Director

Gareth Williams is a Director of The Policy Practice with a varied background in development consulting work. Over the past twenty years he has been heavily engaged in developing and applying political economy approaches to development and governance problems. Assignments include a study on the political economy of demographic transition in Nigeria, studies on the political economy of education in Nigeria, analyses of the changing political economy context in three Central Asian Countries, studies of health security and health systems resilience in West Africa and an assessment of the impact of twenty years of governance programming in Nigeria. Gareth is a trainer on The Policy Practice’s Political Economy Analysis in Action training course and frequently works as a facilitator supporting project teams to conduct their own political economy analysis and to apply adaptive management practices. His broad sectoral expertise includes governance and civil society development, public financial management, health and education, agriculture and rural development and private sector development. He has worked in over 20 countries with a particular focus on Nigeria, Rwanda and recently Central Asia.