Start date
6 months
Democratic Republic of Congo
Oxford Policy Management
UK Department for International Development
TPP Team Members

Demographic Diagnostics political economy analysis - study of DRC

The team, led by Gareth Williams, TPP Director, and lead researcher Theodore Trefon, undertook a political economy analysis (PEA) as part of the on-going Demographic Diagnostics Commission. The PEA built on DFID’s understanding of historical legacies, political interests and DFID’s room for manoeuvre in the contexts in which DFID is working.

The PEA informed all four parts of the demography diagnostic – establishing the current demographic dynamics, identifying the binding constraints on demographic transition, exploring the implications for HMG and defining the roadmap for future support. The PEA provided the information required to enable HMG to engage confidently, sensitively, and influentially with the individuals, groups and institutions that
might effect positive change around the demographic transition.