Problem-Driven Political Economy Analysis The World Bank’s Experience - Fritz, Levy, and Ort (2014)


This book provides an overview and evaluation of the World Bank’s experiences in applying a problem-driven political economy analysis approach to its development programmes, including successes and failures. Fritz, Levy, and Ort identify several case studies which a problem-driven political analysis has been applied. The case studies identified are: an emerging natural resource boom in Mongolia; a growing need for subsidy reform in Morocco; electricity sector reform in the Dominican Republic; electricity and telecommunications reforms in Zambia; the development of inclusive commercial agriculture in Ghana; infrastructure programs at the subnational level in Sierra Leone; local infrastructure provision in Papua New Guinea; and the allocation of local roads and health services in the Philippines. The book demonstrates how the World Bank’s political economy analysis can be applied to specific development challenges from different sectors and discusses recommendations that come to light from evaluations. Each case then sets out the feasible policy recommendations derived from the analysis, including specific recommendations for how development interventions can be adapted to existing political economy constraints.