Start date
12 months
OECD Governance Network
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OECD DAC media and information environment review

Laure-Hélène Piron, TPP Director, is undertaking a study for the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC)'s Governance Network on donor assistance to public interest media, and the integrity of information ecosystems. It will contribute to formulate updated operational guidelines and interventions strategies for international assistance.

The study will include:

  • A mapping of official development assistance (from DAC and non-DAC development partners) to public interest media and information integrity eco-systems.
  • A qualitative review of recent and current development partners practices (drawing on existing evaluations and impact assessments) to develop an understanding of the quality, effectiveness and sustainability of current support.

The objectives of this research and analysis assignment are to:

  • Gain a granular understanding of existing interventions to support the capability and impact of public interest media
  • Map volumes and characteristics of support to media and analyse how and where it is allocated and distributed
  • Enhance understanding of other interventions that are directly related to information ecosystems
  • Critically assess the effectiveness of existing approaches to media support at output and impact level
  • Enhance understanding of existing measures of success of support to public interest media support and development
  • Better understand possible possible hindrances for members to provide (more) support to healthy information ecosystems

The full report can be read here.