A Guide to Assessing the Political Economy of Domestic Climate Change Governance - J. Worker & N. Palmer (2021)


This is a guide to assessing the political economy of domestic climate change governance. It offers guidance for the assessment of the political economy factors that may enable or constrain implementation of policies and actions and sustain political commitment at the country level. The guide offers an assessment methodology to understand how structural factors, rules and norms, stakeholders and interests, and ideas and narratives influence the political economy of climate action in each country context. The methodology was developed based on climate policy, governance, and political economy literature with contributions from subject matter experts. The guide notes that the assessment should support civil society coalitions, reform-minded civil servants and politicians, international organizations, and other stakeholders. The resulting analysis should also deepen the understanding of context while informing the advocacy, policy design, coalition building, capacity building, and communications of domestic stakeholders.