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12 months
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Dr Jas Gill

Global Village Energy Partnership - Strategic Advice

This study is to advise The Global Village Energy Partnership (GVEP ) about the pre-feasibility of setting up two African Regional Hubs (one in West and one in East Africa) to increase poor people’s access to modern energy services using a “market” approach, working with potential suppliers, users and other stakeholders to promote improved access to services.


GVEP is a global partnership between the World’s major international development agencies, developed and developing country governments and their agencies, non-government organizations, the private sector and small energy services providers and entrepreneurs in developing countries. Established at the WSSD in 2002, GVEP today has over 1,400 Organisations as Partners.



The Russian Government has provided financial support to GVEP to create these two regional hubs. The purpose of the grant is to implement a new approach to increase the quality of service and the number of poor people benefiting from modern energy services. It is further expected that GVEP International will use its expanded and strengthened network of partners to assist enterprises and organisations to work more effectively in villages and communities with no or limited access to modern energy services.



Additional funds have been obtained through a grant to GVEP from the European Community for very similar activities. This is known as the Developing Energy Enterprises Project East Africa (DEEP-EA).