Gender in Political Economy Analysis – Browne (2014)


Gender analysis explores the power relations between men and women and will often frame this relationship as being overtly political.  It is generally acknowledged that inequalities and marginalisation are two of the main drivers of conflict and crisis, and it is vital to take them into account in political economy analysis. Despite this recognition, gender issues do not often feature in political analysis frameworks or in the political economy analysis conducted by projects in practice. This report attempts to uncover the small number of cases and examples of where gender analysis has been used in political economy analysis and how it has been applied. The studies that are identified in this paper have incorporated a focus on the role of gender in society, women in positions of power and influence, and representation and influence of women’s groups. It highlights the existing examples of gender-oriented analytical questions used in political economy analysis tools and uses gendered focused case studies to provide models of how gender can be included in future political economy analysis in development programmes.