Start date
2 months
Additional Members
Prof. Akanni Akinyemi

Demography study in Nigeria

This study was commissioned by the Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) and led by TPP Principal Olly Owen working with TPP Associates Suwaiba Ahmad and Sa'eed Hussaini, as well as Prof Akkani Akinyemi.

The overall objective is to support CIFF’s sexual reproduction and health rights (SRHR) team’s internal decision-making around the future direction of SRHR-linked funding related to population dynamics, the demographic transition and/or the demographic dividend in Nigeria.

Through key informant interviews, the team will propose an investment plan with concrete project proposals for a limited budget, a 2-3 year time horizon and a roadmap for medium-term (4-10 year) programme investment that

(i) Builds improved evidence/data on the demographic transition use pathways for policy and programme decisions, and
(ii) Influences demographic transition policy change in Nigeria at National and State/District level.