Simon Bawakyillenuo


Dr. Simon Bawakyillenuo is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER), University of Ghana, Legon. He is a human geographer by academic training with a specialisation in energy and environment. His research interests cover: forms of energy and their interrelationships with health and the environment; energy policy and governance; renewable energy and just energy transition; climate change; environmental policy and governance; green economy; and the political economy of energy transition.

Since joining ISSER in 2011, Simon has worked on multiple research projects on green economy, sustainable energy transition, the political economy of electricity supply in Ghana, the binding constraints to renewable energy investment in Ghana, energy safety nets, and modern energy cooking services. He has served on various international and national steering committees on renewable energy, environment, climate change, and green economy issues. Since 2011, he has been an editorial board member of the Local Environment (The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability) and has published on energy and climate change-related issues in peer-reviewed journals as well as producing policy-relevant technical publications and working papers.