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2 months
South Africa
TPP Team Members

Review of South Africa–Norway Programme on Research Co-operation

Andrew Barnett of the Policy Practice was the team leader and main author of this review of research cooperation between Norway and South Africa.
The objectives of this review were:

  • To provide an independent assessment of the scientific results, impact and organisation of the bilateral programme on research co-operation between South Africa and Norway;
  • To provide an appraisal of the programme plan for the second phase of the programme from 2006 to 2009

The evaluation involved an extensive series of interviews carried out by a multinational team in both Norway and South Africa covering a wide range of scientific sectors. It concluded that the scheme had been highly successful and suggested ways that the second phase could be improved.

The title of the final report is 'Review Of The South Africa-Norway Programme On Research Co-Operation: Phase I And Appraisal Of Phase II', by Andrew Barnett, The Policy Practice, UK, Prof Gansen Pillay, The Durban Institute of Technology, RSA, Dr Randi Søgnen, NIFU STEP, Norway, Dr Antje Klitkou, NIFU STEP, Norway. Final Report 24th September 2005
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