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Tunisia: political economy analysis of the accountability system

Chad: political economy analysis of local governance

Ghana: Political Economy Analysis for the Western Region Coastal Foundation Inception Phase

Westminster Foundation for Democracy - Balkans: politically-informed and adaptive programming

The Political Economy of Energy Access in Africa and South Asia

Nigeria Policy Development Facility Political Economy Analysis

Results and Challenge Function for the Tanzania Inclusive Institutions Programme

Nigeria Policy Development Facility Phase II Mid-Term Review

Evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy's Political Party Assistance

Political Economy of the Business Environment in Eleven Middle-Income Countries

DFID Nigeria State Level Programmes Final Evaluation

Learning, Evidence and Advocacy Partnership - Nigeria Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL)

Feasibility Study for EU support to Indonesia on Energy Planning

Growing the market for embedded machine to machine mobile technology to make products/services more affordable for the poor

Political Economy considerations relevant to Energy and Economic Growth

Climate Investment Funds, Stakeholder Engagement

Green Growth Diagnostics in Africa

Agro-Industries and clean energy in Africa (AGRICEN)

Support to the DFID funded ENERGIA research network on energy and gender

World Bank Flagship Study on Transforming Power Trade in the Africa Region

Scoping mission for the proposed Public Sector Accountability and Governance Programme, Nigeria

Political Economy and Institutional Assessment for a large agribusiness project in Kogi State, Nigeria

Scoping Mission for Civil Society Support Programme Fund in Rwanda

Study on the Political Economy of Public Finance Management Reform in Nigeria

Scoping for Design: A Problem Driven Political Economic Approach to Supporting Regional Trade and Integration in Southern Africa

Rwanda Multi Donor Civil Society Support Programme, Ikiraro cy'iterambere

State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC) Programme Development Group

Sierra Leone: Study on the impact of corruption on the private sector

Rwanda: Joint Governance Asssessment Monitoring Framework

Donor approaches to risk in fragile and conflict affected states

Assessment of the Government of Rwanda’s commitment to the four Partnership Principles underpinning UK Budget Support

Review of the BHP Billiton approach to innovation in its mining services supply chain in Chile has relevance to Africa

Mid term Evaluation: Convergence of Sciences: Strengthening Agricultural Innovation Systems in Benin, Ghana and Mali (CoS-SIS)

Advice to the International Forum of Research Donors (IFORD)

Strategic advice to the Australian Aid Programme on evaluating research investments in AusAID and the development of an AusAID results framework for research for development

Advice to the evaluation of the SIDA portfolio of projects on Innovation Systems and Cluster Initiatives

Evaluation of the ETC Energy Access Programme

Design of monitoring and evaluation systems for DFID research

Appraisal of the Project Extension Documents of the Nepal-Norwegian Cooperation to form a Social Inclusion Research Fund

Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP): Maintaining the Momentum

Governance of Extractive Industries Indicators

Assessing the Political Economy of Low Cost Private Primary Education in Lagos

Democratic Republic of Congo – Political Economy of Basic Education

Democratic Republic of Congo – Political Economy of Public Financial Management

Nigeria Political Economy of Trade

Nigeria Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Project (IMEP)

Assistance to EC DEVCO in drafting new Programme and Project Cycle Management Guidelines (PPCM)

Mid-term Review of the Second Phase of the EU Energy Initiative Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI-PDF)

Political Economy Analysis of Disaster Risk Reduction

Multi-Donor Governance Analysis - Bangladesh

Evaluation of Phase II of the SDC/IDRC/GEH Research Matters Project

International Drivers of Corruption

DFID Governance Portfolio Review

Monitoring the Principles for Good International Engagement in Fragile States and Situations: Global Report

DFID China Country Programme Evaluation

Output-to-purpose review of PrOpCom: promoting pro-poor opportunities through commodity & service markets

Bangladesh police reform

Bangladesh electoral assistance

DAC Ministers paper

Health as a tracer sector for the Implementation of Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda of Action

Evaluation for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) on its research related activties

Advice to the EU Czech Presidency on energy policy

Uganda National Development Plan

Evaluation of IFAD's performance in the area of innovation

Ghana Strategic Governance and Corruption Assessment

Support to the Global Donor Platform on Rural Development

Review of the EU Governance Initiative

How-to note on Political Economy Analysis

Training in Political Economy Analysis

Support to Accra High-Level Forum

Rwanda: Joint Governance Assessment

Progress Report on the Paris Declaration

Yemen Strategic Governance and Corruption Assessment

Supporting the 2007 professional retreat of DFID’s economists

Preparing a discussion paper: ‘What are the shareholder’s priorities, and what are the implications for CDC?’

Nigeria: Co-ordinating design of State-level programmes

Research Into Use Programme - Strategic Advice

Global Village Energy Partnership - Strategic Advice

Research into Use Programme - Nigeria Country Assessment

Research into Use Programme - Rwanda Country Assessment

Politics and Growth

Support to DFID’s Water and Sanitation initiative

Providing a Secretariat for the second European Rural Forum

SciDev.Net Evaluation

Vietnam: Making Markets Work Better for the Poor – Phase II Design

Nigeria: Political economy of economic growth

Kyrgyzstan: Support for a Drivers of Change Study

Southern Africa: Review of Human Trafficking Programme

Growth, Sub-National Equity and Poverty Reduction Policies - A Five-Country Comparison

Guyana Sugar Action Plan

Vietnam: Contribution to M4P Week

Innovation Synthesis Study

Fiscal Space and Sustainability from the Perspective of the Health Sector

Review of South Africa–Norway Programme on Research Co-operation

Review of Inception Phase of PrOpCom

Governance and Sub-National Growth

Innovation Policy: Lessons from the Department for International Development's Crop Post Harvest Research Programme, Partnerships for Innovation

DFID/SIDA Energy Meeting

Design of Nigeria Shared Growth Programme

OECD DAC Energy paper

Middle East: A country Drivers of Change Study

Russia: Drivers of Change

OECD GovNet meeting