Project description

Project name: Timor-Leste: The Asia Foundation Tourism Team – developing ability to ‘Think and Work Politically’
Project description:

Laure-Hélène Piron, Policy Practice Director, provided advice to The Asia Foundation Timor-Leste Tourism team to develop their own capacity to ‘think and work politically’. Together, they prepared a ‘baseline’ analysis of the local political economy from which the programme will be able to identify opportunities to promote tourism and women’s economic empowerment. The analysis was undertaken through a facilitative approach to develop the new local team’s capacity to undertake and update such analysis during future strategy testing sessions.

Start date: 2020
Duration:3 months
Countries:Timor Leste
Client:The Asia Foundation
Funder: New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Team members:Laure-Hélène Piron (team leader)