Project description

Project name: Support to DFID’s Water and Sanitation initiative
Project description:

The Policy Practice provided a staff member (Alex Duncan) and a consultant (Barbara Evans) to advise DFID on the main features of a global call for action to improve the prospects for achieving the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation. This call was issued by the Secretary of State, Hilary Benn, in November 2006, following publication of UNDP’s Human Development Report.

The broad priorities were defined as:

  • strengthening accountability at the international level, through better data and clearer lines of reporting and responsibility.
  • At national level in developing countries, strengthening the demands of service-users generally, and poor people in particular, for improved services and governance.

Beyond the general issues, the work came to focus in particular on a group of countries which combined highly levels of need with low levels of aid for water and sanitation.

Start date:September 2006
Duration:3 months
Funder: DFID
Team members:Alex Duncan (team leader) , Barbara Evans