Project description

Project name: Progress Report on the Paris Declaration
Project description:

In preparation for the Accra High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (September 2008) The Policy Practice is working with the OECD Development Assistrance Committee to prepare the progress report on the Paris Declaration. The report aims to:

  • review implementation of the Paris Declaration Partnership Commitments, providing a balanced view of achievements and shortcomings;
  • make the case for why aid matters to development in a changing context;
  • identify policy and operational implications for further action, with a particular focus on action at the political level that will be included in the Accra Agenda for Action to be endorsed by ministers; and
  • highlight the findings and recommendations of the multiple workstreams currently under way at the initiative of the DAC Working Party on Aid Effectiveness (WP-EFF) and its members.
Start date:December 2007
Duration:9 months
Funder: OECD
Team members:Alex Duncan (team leader) , C├ęcile Wathne (ODI)