Project description

Project name: Politics and Growth
Project description:

The Policy Practice are preparing a series of papers on the politics of economic growth in developing countries. The central question to be addressed is “what drives politically influential groups to pursue policies that generate sustained growth?” The papers will analyse the incentives facing politically influential groups that arise from relations between key actors, most importantly the holders of political power and the holders of capital. The various outputs of the project will include : (i) an analysis of the links between politics and growth, and the implications for donor strategies, (ii) a “how to” note on methodology for analysing these relationships, and (iii) and a short paper on how the insights of this analysis should feed into DFID’s proposed Country Governance Assessments.

Start date:March 2007
Duration:2 months
Funder: DFID
Team members:Gareth Williams (team leader), Alex Duncan, Pierre Landell-Mills