Project description

Project name: Political Economy of the Business Environment in Eleven Middle-Income Countries
Project description:

This study examines the factors strengthening or weakening the environment for private investment and inclusive growth in eleven middle-income countries. The Policy Practice managed the research and produced a synthesis paper. It undertook two of these studies directly, and identified nine other country experts. The research findings have been summarised in the Policy Practice Brief NO.12.

Start date:December 2017
Duration:3 months
Countries:Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam
Client:UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Funder: UK Prosperity Fund
Team members:Alex Duncan (team leader), Gareth Williams, Jonathan Kydd, William Kingsmill , Professor Edmund Aman (Brazil), Matthew Busch (Indonesia and Vietnam), Professor Terence Gomez (Malaysia), Mark Lewis (Peru) , Adeel Malik and Rafiullah Kakar (Pakistan), John McLean (Philippines)