Project description

Project name: Middle East: A country Drivers of Change Study
Project description:

The Policy Practice undertook a multi-component study of development, conflict and environmental change in a middle-eastern country (name withheld). The purpose of the study was to inform the long-term development programming.

It analysed the political, economic, environmental and social factors affecting progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. These were domestic, regional and international. The study also analysed in detail the fault-lines that explained levels of conflict in the country, and related these to development prospects.

A wide range of practical recommendations were drawn out.

Start date:September 2004
Duration:4 months
Client:DFID/The Netherlands
Funder: DFID/The Netherlands
Team members:Alex Duncan (team leader), Gareth Williams , Professor Tony Allan, Dr Najwa Adra, Dr Adil Kanaan, Dr Lisa Wedeen, Fenton Whelan, Paul Dresch