Project description

Project name: Innovation Synthesis Study
Project description:

This study on “innovation systems” was one of a group of cross-sectoral synthesis studies that examine a set of common issues within the ten research programmes of the RNRRS with a view to distil the experiences and lessons learned. DFID's RNRRS (Renewable Natural Resources Research Strategy) programme operated from 1995 to 2005, with ten individually contracted research programmes, and over 1600 research projects. The RNRRS framework has been characterised by significant changes largely driven by DFID, as the donor, which initially stressed “research” and “scientific publications” but increasingly laid greater emphasis on the poverty impact of research on poverty.

This synthesis report shows that many of the elements that make up the ‘innovation systems (IS) approach’ have been increasingly incorporated within the different RNRRS programmes as they evolved. A number of key elements, such as capacity development, communications, participatory and action research became standard practice. But this report suggests that the developments of these elements have been largely unsystematic across the programmes while individual programmes developed and incorporated many elements on their own with some taking a more deliberate and formal approach.

Start date:November 2005
Duration:2 months
Client:NR International
Funder: DFID
Team members:Andrew Barnett (team leader) , Amitav Rath