Project description

Project name: Evaluation for the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) on its research related activties
Project description:

The Policy Practice is conducting a thorough evaluation of the research portfolio funded by Swiss Development Cooperation currently valued at around CHF 51 million per annum. This evaluation is intended to strengthen accountability for the use of research funds, and to improve the management, relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of SDC’s research portfolio. It will cover four sets of issues:
1) Policy: Assessment of relevance and adequacy of SDC's strategies and policies, including an assessment of how research and related policies are made and lessons learned.
2) Portfolio: Assessment of relevance of the strategic orientation and composition of SDC's research
3) Results: An assessment of research results against policy objectives in terms of relevance, quality, utilisation and developing country research capacity building
4) Management: Assessment of the quality of SDC's management of its research activities including assessment of its decentralised management approach, and its promotion of research partnerships. This will cover the effectiveness of SDC’s institutional set-up for achieving the objectives of its research policy and research master plan.

Start date:June 2009
Duration:6 months
Client:Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Funder: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Team members:Andrew Barnett (team leader), Anna Khakee, Gareth Williams, Samantha Wade , John Young (ODI)