Project description

Project name: Appraisal of the Project Extension Documents of the Nepal-Norwegian Cooperation to form a Social Inclusion Research Fund
Project description:

The Norwegian government has financed a Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF) in Nepal which has operated since August 2005 in order to produce high quality and critical research on causes of social exclusion in Nepal and to ensure that such research contributes more effectively to policy debate and the democratic process.

The purpose of this evaluation was to appraise a proposal to extend the SIRF for the next phase and a document setting out how the fund might be institutionalised on a more permanent basis. The study was largely carried out by desk-based research supplemented by a number of interviews with key informants in Nepal and Norway.

The Appraisal Team strongly recommended that the SIRF should continue. The team favoured the redesign the programme to conform more effectively with the principles of the Paris Declaration on Aid effectiveness, by developing a donor consortium (such African Economic Research Consortium) and/or merging with some existing organisation in Nepal.

Start date:January 2009
Duration:2 months
Client:Norad, Norway
Funder: Norad, Norway
Team members:Andrew Barnett (team leader) , Nina Hedlund, Olav Hernar, Shizu Upadhya