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IPPG (2010) Beyond Institutions: Institutions and Organisations in the Politics and Economics of Growth and Poverty Reduction – A Thematic Synthesis of Research Evidence., Manchester: Improving Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth Programme, University of Manchester.

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The Research Consortium on Improving Institutions for Pro-Poor Growth (IPPG) summarizes findings from a broad range of research projects on institutions writ large (state-business relations, land reform, contract labour, contract farming, territorial development etc.).

Key findings include the following:

  • While it is true that ‘institutions matter’, individuals and organizations matter too, for it is they who forge, maintain, implement and change institutions.
  • It follows that for donors to encourage legitimate and effective institutions which sustain a stable and inclusive environment for growth and poverty reduction, they will need to:
    • Think beyond institutional design and form.
    • Recognise the importance of the distinction and interaction between institutions and organisations and embed this in policy and operational thinking.
    • Learn how to ‘think politically’ and to ‘work politically’; and in particular how to help build up the players – especially the economic, social and political organizations -which will both shape and make institutions work.
    • Get smarter at identifying and understanding stakeholder interests and their relationships, and in discriminating between the developmental, the collusive and the predatory.
    • Appreciate that recognising where the obstacles are, and devising strategies to negotiate them, requires deep knowledge and understanding.