The Beginner's Guide to Political Economy Analysis (PEA) - Whaites (2017)

Whaites (2017)

Whaites presents an alternative perspective to the idea that an official ‘orthodoxy’ exists for political economy analysis (PEA). Instead, he argues that political economy analysis should be based on questions, prompts and ideas that can be used as guidance for thinking and practice. This guide attempts to bring together the best materials available on different varieties of political economy analysis, as well as tools for conducting PEA, into one easily accessible document. The following questions are addressed in the paper: (1) Why do we do political economy analysis, and what is it? (2) What kinds of issues and ingredients are often included in a PEA? (3) How do we make sense of the different varieties of PEA? (4) What tools are out there to help us conduct a PEA?, and (5) What is thinking and working politically?  The guide also considers the wider implications of political economy analysis on politics and institutions.