7. Additional online resources on political economy analysis

Overseas Development Institute  

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is an independent, global think tank that prides its research on being able to produce evidence, ideas, and solutions for complex issues and problems.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation is a non-profit development organisation that is committed to improving lives in Asia by addressing issues such as: governance, economics, environment issues, and gender issues through political economy analysis.

OECD Governance & Peace 

The OECD is an international organisation that aims to create effective policies to improve livelihoods. One of their main priorities is building accountable and effective institutions to ensure that citizens receive effective service delivery.

Effective States & Inclusive Development (ESID) research on PEA 

This page from ESID outlines their research plans as well as their work on political settlements. It includes publications on political economy analysis and political settlements, including books, journal articles, and blogs.

SAVI – Nigeria 

This page from SAVI shares their knowledge and work on empowerment and accountability in Nigeria. This page shares the practical approaches and tools that have been adopted to contribute to debates on how money can best empower citizens.

ECDPM – Political Economy Analysis   

ECDPM is an independent think tank that aims to create policies for inclusive and sustainable development in Europe and Africa. This page contains their publications regarding political economy analysis that focus on governance.

Thinking and Working Politically – Community of Practice 

TWP community of practice provides the latest and most relevant on thinking and working politically, as well as workshops, learning resources, and case studies and research reports.

Development Leadership Programme 

This page contains the political economy analysis publications by the DLP. The DLP specifically explores how power and leadership effect development outcomes and how they can form locally-legitimate institutions.

Oxfam Blogs – From Poverty to Power 

From Poverty to Power is a platform created by Oxfam which explores the latest work in development, specifically highlighting issues of power and politics. This page on their website contains a series of useful and short blogs on political economy analysis.


Capacity4dev is the European Commission’s knowledge sharing platform for International Cooperation and Development. This page contains use information and publications regarding political economy analysis in practice which can be easily viewed and downloaded