Project description

Project name: Health as a tracer sector for the Implementation of Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda of Action
Project description:

The OECD/DAC Task Team for Health as a Tracer Sector (TT HATS) has commissioned The Policy Practice to prepare a progress report on the implementation of the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action in the health sector. The report will in particular:

  • Assess progress in the areas that have been identified as critical by the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness and the TT HATS
  • Highlight remaining issues that constitute the main constraints to more effective aid and better results and impact in health
  • Report in a frank manner about mistakes and/or collective responsibilities in the remaining bottlenecks
  • Identify priority actions and set out recommendations that can help in achieving more progress in the health sector as well as in other sectors and areas facing similar issues.
Start date:June 2009
Duration:5 months
Funder: OECD/DAC
Team members:Alex Duncan (team leader) , C├ęcile Wathne ODI