Project description

Project name: Evaluation of the ETC Energy Access Programme
Project description:

This was an independent evaluation of the ETC Energy Access Programme funded by the Dutch Aid Ministry (DGIS) under its Medefinancieringsstelsel (MFS 1) or Policy Framework for the Co-financing programme grant to ETC and core funding from SIDA.
The evaluation covered the Energy Access (EA) programme which started in 2007 and is implemented “with or in association with” two networks, namely ENERGIA and EASE, through eight “intervention strategies”.
The total budget provided to EA by DGIS is € 7,096m of which 57% was allocated to EASE and 41% to ENERGIA (with 2% to the new initiatives line item). The ENERGIA network has received co-financing from SIDA of € 2,057m over the period of the evaluation.
The evaluation used reviews of documentation, electronic questionnaires, interviews and three country visits (to Vietnam, Tanzania and Nepal) to answer the five key questions posed by the terms of reference, concerning Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Environmental and Financial Sustainability and Organisational Approach.
Overall the evaluators found that Energy Access programme has been largely successful in achieving what they set out to do over the period and the programmes are greatly liked by those involved.
ETC/EASE has effectively developed a full portfolio of projects helping to transform civil society organisations into an effective ‘market infrastructure’ that can support private sector suppliers of modern energy services. It has transformed its partnership into a full network with many more members from both civil society and the private sector.
ENERGIA has established itself as the place of first choice for advice on gender and energy in developing countries. It is clearly meeting a strong need as evidenced by the demand for advice and training on how to raise women’s role in energy activities.
The evaluators made a number of specific recommendations covering actions that should be considered in the long and short term.

Start date:March 2010
Duration:9 months
Client:ETC, The Netherlands
Funder: The Netherlands Government
Team members:Andrew Barnett (team leader) , Verona Groverman, Christina Wille