Project description

Project name: Advice to the International Forum of Research Donors (IFORD)
Project description:

Andrew Barnett was contracted by the Governments of Switzerland and Australia to provide strategic advice and facilitation support to the annual meetings of IFORD in Switzerland in May 2010, and Indonesia from 29th June to 1st July 2011.
IFORD is an informal network of 18 or so aid agencies, private foundations and multilateral organizations that provide significant funds for research, research capacity building and innovation related to international development. IFORD provides participants with a platform for sharing information about their organizations’ strategies, funding priorities, and programs; learning from each other; discussing issues of mutual interest; and also exploring opportunities for joint activities.
The advice involved delivering lectures on the Innovation systems approach to research funding and facilitating discussions between IFORD members on whether and how to enable research donors to focus more on the demand for and use of research-based knowledge (innovation) than on the supply of research results.

Start date:March 2010
Duration:16 months
Client:SDC, AusAid
Funder: SDC, AusAid
Team members:Andrew Barnett (team leader)