Project description

Project name: Advice to the evaluation of the SIDA portfolio of projects on Innovation Systems and Cluster Initiatives
Project description:

Andrew Barnett was part of an advisory group supporting the work of Dr Amitav Rath in the evaluation of a major part of SIDA’s research portfolio.
The main purpose of this evaluation was to provide Sida with strategic “knowledge and lessons learned” based on the experiences and emerging results from their portfolio of support to innovation systems and clusters within their research cooperation unit.

Start date:August 2010
Duration:12 months
Client:Policy Research International, Canada
Funder: SIDA
Team members:Andrew Barnett , Amitav Rath (team leader), Bitrina Daniel Diyamett, Mario Francisco Bazán Borja, Fernando Prada Mendoza, Francisco Sagasti, Jacques Gaillard